L  I  g  h  t  n  i  n  g     T  h  r  e  a  d  s

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  ' ' T h e   N e w   S I n g l e  
A rollocking ride through blues rock and country, Take A Mile defines a head strong vision to carve a new path and leave the narrow minded behind 

The trio announce their third release off the back of 2020 gigs at the Leadmill. O2 Academy Sheffield and The Greystones. 
Produced with Callum Benson at the legendary Steel City Studios
Mastered by Grant Berry
 Fader Mastering


T   a   k   e      a      m   i   l   e 

L  i  g  h  t  n  i  n  g      t  h  r  e  a  d  s




l I V E   s h o w s


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" ..
I strongly Recommend seeing this guy live "
Captivating  Fantastic voice "
- BBC Introducing, Sheffield


 Est. 2019 From Sheffield, UK.

 Lightning Threads are  Tom Jane (vox/guitar)  Sam Burgam (Vox/Bass)  Hugh Butler (Drums/Keys).

 A Compelling power trio with an obsession and dedication to their music;

 embarking on bringing their flare and full force of Blues Rock & Roots to the scene.

 Their music already reaching new audiences and success with their latest single ‘

   'Take A Mile'’ heading straight to the top of the Blues iTunes Chart on release.

 Throughout theses singles you can draw upon the blend of influence which seeps into their sound. 

 From the gruff vocal melody styles of Chris Stapleton to the inspiring arrangements of legendary blues bands Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

 With acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and announcements of big shows and tour dates there's a thrill of excitement building for Lightning Threads!!1!

A b o u t


P r e s s

"You Have to go see this guy live 


"Something about really well done blues that gets the juices flowing.

I'm already a fan.    They're doing something right. "                                                                                                                      -  BBC Introducing Sheffield

​                  "Go see them live. Thank me later"                                                             - CMF

"A skilled musician with 1OO% command over his instrument. One of the most soothing voices I've heard"

                                                                                      - Mad Alice Records


"a brilliant bluesy trio, serving up John Mayer-esque, gruff vocals mixed with the hip-shaking groove of Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. Although the band had an aura of indie, the vocals could easily sit seamlessly in the charts.. 

insane vocal clarity"

- Northern Exposure



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